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Curling Lengthen Eyelash Color Mascara

Curling Lengthen Eyelash Color Mascara

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Lengthen and curl your lashes with our Curling Lengthen Eyelash Color Mascara. Our waterproof formula is quick-drying and doesn't smudge or flake, available in four shades—blue, purple, gold, and black. The unique brush design helps lift, separate and define your lashes for a voluminous, long-lasting look.

This Curling Lengthen Eyelash Color Mascara is a must-have for a glamorous look. Completely waterproof and with quick-dry technology, you can rest assured that this mascara will stay put all day. Choose from 4 colors - blue, purple, gold, and black - and curling and length-enhancing features for beautiful lashes.

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